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AskWords请教date 和 appointment用法区别
Vanzoschei asked 2 months ago


to make a date和to make an appointment之间的区别是什么?


5 Answers

  • 通常,在英语口语中,它们具有不同的含义。

    “ to make a date”表示两个恋人或两个想要浪漫一下的人的聚会。例如:

    “I’m going to call Mary, and ask her to go on a date with me.”

    “I think you’re really pretty, and nice. Let’s make a date and go out to a romantic dinner, or something.”

    “ to make an appointment” 表示一次专业会议。

    “I have to make an appointment to see the doctor.”
    “Let’s make an appointment to discuss our new business deal.”

  • 有时,“ to make a date”以其他方式使用。

    “Let’s all of us get together on Saturday at 2:00, so we can study for the exam.”
    –“Ok, it’s a date!”

    “Let’s make a date to study for the exam. How about Saturday at 2:00?”
    –“Ok, it’s a date then!”


  • 我想说的是,“date”是在朋友之间或社交环境中使用的,而“appointment”是在商业或专业领域中使用的。与某人的to make a date不一定一定要与一个浪漫的伴侣在一起。我也可以与普通朋友make a date一起去看电影或晚餐。

    “I need to make a date with you so that we can study for the test.”
    “Let’s make a date to have lunch next week”.

    “I can’t go to lunch on Friday; I have an appointment with my financial advisor.”
    “How about Thursday? I have no appointments with clients and I’m free all day.”

    Best Answer
  • 很好,Nurgarriga。我以前听说过这种用法。

    就个人而言,(这仅是个人而言,现在)我不会和朋友说“make a date”。我说:

    “Let’s pick a day to go out.”
    “Let’s go out sometime.”
    “Let’s set a date to go to the movies.”
    “Let’s do lunch next week.”

  • 是的,您是对的,语言是如此灵活,以致世界上不同地区的不同人使用它的方式有所不同!要点是我们已经明白了两个词之间的差异。 (希望如此)