AskWords请教up for something的意思
Erikamaxwell asked 2 years ago


谁能告诉我“ up for something”是什么意思?

” hey, anyone up for some broadway shows?”


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3 Answers

  • 这意味着 “eager to do something”或 “interested in doing something”。

    不要将它与”up to doing something” 相混淆,这意味着在身体或精神上都有能力。 “I thought about taking a walk, but I’m still recovering from the flu, and I don’t feel up to it yet”.

  • 我给出一个简单的翻译:“ up for”表示“ want”。

    Is anyone up for some ice cream?
    Does anyone want some ice cream?

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  • 是的,“ want”是最好的解释。

    但是,又不能总是将“want”理解成“up for”, 。
    I want to be a doctor when I grow up.
    I want happiness and world peace。

    在这些例子中,你不能用”up for”。