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  1. AABRIA: Hi. My name is Aabria Iyengar,
  2. Aabria, to the Byroden. AABRIA: Oh, I know.
  3. in the RPG world right now, the one and only Aabria Iyengar.
  4. So yeah, Aabria's amazing. Yeah.
  5. Aabria, welcome to Critter Hug!
  6. AABRIA: Hello, and welcome to episode three of Exandria Unlimited.
  7. I am your GM Aabria Iyengar,
  8. AABRIA: Look at that hat, though!
  9. ROBBIE: I did it. AABRIA: I quit.
  10. AABRIA: Amazing. And because these episodes are pre-taped,
  11. MATT: Thank you, Aabria.
  12. Back to you, Aabria.
  13. AABRIA: Wow, Matt, you sure do look comfy,
  14. AABRIA: So,
  15. AABRIA: I forgot.
  16. AABRIA: Found it,
  17. AABRIA: Yep. LIAM: Okay.
  18. AABRIA: This is my perfect game, thank you.
  19. AABRIA: Yes, good. ROBBIE: Real messy, real messy.
  20. AABRIA: Don't worry, I'll make you roll in a second for--