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  1. This is our last hop to the anchorage where we're going to leave Aannsha
  2. Meanwhile, Aannsha stayed on board to do some much-needed laundry
  3. Aannsha tries to be - who was that guy that pulled the tablecloths out from
  4. everything? I have no idea. Aannsha tries to be the guy who pulls the tablecloth out from
  5. We're going to have something to eat and to have Aannsha
  6. moment and Aannsha's standing in the
  7. beer. Aannsha's happy that we're on like a little beach here because she can
  8. phone hospital here that we can have the screens repaired on Aannsha's Samsung
  9. and the little spare Samsung that Aannsha also managed to break the screen on so
  10. things together and one of the things of course we had to do with just Aannsha and
  11. winch it back up onto the davits with Aannsha only having the use of one hand at
  12. There's a gorgeous smell coming from down below in the galley, Aannsha is