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How do you pronounce aashi in English (1 out of 50).

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  1. The baby is named Aashi.
  2. -Aashi. -Aashi.
  3. Aashi.
  4. Aashi, is it okay?
  5. -Lovely. What's her name? -Aashi.
  6. Aashi. That's right.
  7. Now you have Aashi in your life, okay.
  8. What does Aashi or my pregnancy got to do with my work?
  9. Yes, madam... Can I first get Aashi?
  10. Have you fed Aashi?
  11. Hi, Aashi.
  12. -Usha, where is Aashi? -Aashi...
  13. Oh, my God! Aashi!
  14. I love Aashi very much.
  15. Take it and go. I am sorry, Aashi.
  16. Aashi is excited.
  17. Aashi started crying as she saw her.
  18. Aashi...
  19. Aashi. I would marry Aashi.
  20. Aashi... Aashi...