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  1. member join the aavso aavso membership comes with a wide array
  2. the aavso net observatories use dc3 dreams
  3. the aavso photometric all sky survey project also known as apass
  4. aavso please check out their webpage to learn
  5. to this precision technique he's been an aavso member for about a
  6. decade and is currently serving on the aavso board
  7. discussion um i am on the aavso board
  8. but disclaimer uh what i'm about to say is not an official aavso position
  9. maxim dl aip for win if you're an aavso member you can use
  10. aavso's online vote software there are a variety
  11. image is go to the aavso website home page resources pick a star
  12. uh to do photometry on it aavso's vote also requires that it be in fits format
  13. subpar information to the aavso database but the data that you do submit you'll
  14. on the other hand go to the aavso website
  15. yeah there are fields where um the aavso
  16. that was the prime motivator behind the a pass aavso
  17. um but uh so if if the aavso chart doesn't show uh uh good comp stars
  18. apas will and searching apas uh is a pretty clean process on the aavso
  19. but the aavso doesn't seem to accept that so what are his options
  20. aavso not accepting g because a pass