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  1. and this is true for the Aflatoun programme.
  2. We feel there is a need for the Aflatoun network
  3. which are prescribed by Aflatoun.
  4. a very large population of Aflatoun children in our country,
  5. like we have the Aflatoun camp...
  6. Aflatoun has a lot of outcomes and outputs
  7. we have many outputs that are not mentioned by the Aflatoun survey.
  8. in Nigeria, we use a lot of civic education in our Aflatoun curriculum,
  9. And a lot of those outputs are not captured by the Aflatoun survey.
  10. Campus Nederland and Aflatoun Nederland are partnering up
  11. How do you think a partnership with Aflatoun will help Campus Nederland further its mission?
  12. I think that the partnership between Campus Netherlands and Aflatoun will help many children
  13. How does the Aflatoun programmes make your programme stronger and as such expand the skills of the children?
  14. I think Aflatoun's programmes fit seamlessly in the programmes that Campus Netherlands is already doing.
  15. and that Aflatoun's programmes make our programmes a broader package
  16. What does Aflatoun want to achieve with this partnership?