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  1. Agrifac. Why Agrifac? Agrifac owns the better technique, which is way ahead of the competitors.
  2. I am extremely satisfied with the Agrifac.
  3. That was the moment when we started talking with Agrifac.
  4. That is where we found our match with Agrifac.
  5. This all resulted in us purchasing the Agrifac Condor Endurance.
  6. I have been using the Agrifac Endurance for the last 12 weeks, and it has been just great so far.
  7. Why we decided on the Agrifac is for several reasons.
  8. I have not experienced this with the Agrifac yet.
  9. We came in contact with Agrifac, because in Hungary we sprayed with helicopters, and spraying
  10. business the whole winter and took a look at several sprayers and also visited Agrifac
  11. to achieve and so we decided on Agrifac and all of our requirements have been achieved.
  12. Agrifac also provides spare parts better than the competitors. The Condor, the high ClearancePlus
  13. far. Therefore we rely on Agrifac.
  14. again we had to refill the tank. With the Agrifac Condor we can spray about 3400 litres
  15. met our expectations, so we came in contact with the Agrifac Condor and what finally assured