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  1. Airopack is a more sustainable product. It is PET, it's transparent, it's environmentally
  2. Quint Kelders is CEO of Airopack, and hes hoping to change that. Instead of metal, his
  3. Quint Kelders: So the benefits of Airopack versus any other aerosol application,
  4. to squeeze the pack to get my last piece of formulation out!' With Airopack that's not
  5. European CEO: Being able to produce and sell the Airopack for the same price as a traditional
  6. Airopack which can go to the customer, is being completely manufactured in this plant.
  7. our RTF Airopack on a container freighter 500m from our building, to go to Rotterdam
  8. And sure, he wants Airopack to succeed as a business but he doesnt need to dominate
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