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  1. Then go for AIRPICK from Vanderlande.
  2. AIRPICK really makes my day.
  3. From efficient picking to smart handling of returns, AIRPICK is the answer.
  4. AIRPICK is a flexible unit sortation solution.
  5. AIRPICK enables you to optimise the picking process by picking order lines in a continuous flow.
  6. ...because AIRPICK automatically prioritises orders based on cutoff times.
  7. Order fulfillment issues? Beat them with AIRPICK.
  8. Vanderlandes AIRPICK solution is ideal for efficient picking and smart returns handling.
  9. Once all items for an order are available in the pocket buffer, AIRPICK allocates the order to a sequence group.
  10. ...the optimum solution is Vanderlandes AIRPICK solution.