How do you pronounce aitutu in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. This is its scores in AITUTU,
  2. I also looked at its AITuTu which is a bit low
  3. We look at the AiTuTu Benchmark.
  4. Para naman sa AITUTU Benchmark
  5. So I wanted to check it its AI on AITUTU.
  6. And we've also looked at its score over the AITUTU
  7. It's also given 65,000 points on AITUTU benchmark
  8. Nakakuha tayo ng 248,000 puntos dito sa AITUTU Benchmark.
  9. Sa AITUTU Benchmark, nakaiskor din ito
  10. Sa AITUTU Benchmark, nakakuha ito ng 67,000 na puntos.
  11. Pagdating sa AITUTU Benchmark, halos parehas lang sila
  12. Now moving over to AITUTU, we also got a good score.
  13. We've also checked AITUTU and it garnered 49,000 points.
  14. So let's first check its AITUTU score.
  15. here in AITUTU Benchmark.