How do you pronounce alambusha in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. forces had been annihilated. Duryodhana's wrath flared. He called for Alambusha, a massive
  2. Raksasa of frightful appearance. Alambusha had joined with Duryodhana because he hated
  3. Seeing Alambusha racing toward him, Iravan rallied his horsemen. Then the Nagas and Raksasas
  4. clashed. Soon, both divisions were slain and Iravan and Alambusha faced one another alone
  5. Alambusha rose up into the sky and confounded Iravan's attack. Iravan, by his own powers,
  6. limbs and mutilated his body, but Alambusha somehow evaded death. Rather, he immediately
  7. battle-axe, but the Raksasa appeared in a new body each time. Alambusha roared discordantly,
  8. in the forms of terrible-looking serpents. They closed on Alambusha, baring their fangs
  9. Iravan was confounded by Alambusha's illusory powers. As the Naga again assumed his own
  10. form, Alambusha rushed at him, swinging his great sword. With a powerful stroke he cut