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  1. Shaykh Albaani (rahimahullah),
  2. It was the Hajj season and the last year that al-Albaani performed Hajj.
  3. If it was related to an issue in Hadith he referred it to al-Albaani.
  4. Ibn Baaz said to Albaani: (listen carefully ya Shabaab!)
  5. No, no, no... You are our Shaykh so said Albaani to Ibn Baaz in reply.
  6. Albaani: No, no.. You are our Shaykh! You are our Shaykh!
  7. So al-Albaani moved forward, (listen carefully ya Shabaab!)
  8. Ibn Baaz replied to Albaani: Pray the salah of the Prophet,
  9. See the Adab?! Ibn Baaz telling Albaani to 'Teach us ya Shaykh!'