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How do you pronounce aliar in English (1 out of 35).

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  1. Aliar Bey fell into the trap of Yannis, who was disguised as an astrologer.
  2. Aliar Bey, who knows no bounds in idiocy, is in great heedlessness and treachery.
  3. Aliar Bey, who does not understand the sacrifice of Edabali nibs, is the only aim to get his
  4. Aliar Beyin Dndar threatens neither the first nor the last.
  5. However, if Erturul Bey had been, Aliar Beye would have informed his limit and even
  6. In this episode and in the next episode, Osman Bala will face Aliar for the chick.
  7. Because Aliar knows that Osman loves the Bala Hat and tries to shoot it from there.
  8. The vocal duel of eyh Edabal with Aliar made us feel as if he had returned to our essence, as if the resurrection Erturul was as excited.
  9. It is obvious that Aliar Bey came here to ask for his daughter Bala Hatunu.
  10. It is the Aliar Bey soldiers who set this ambush.
  11. Nothing will be as before anymore. Aliar Bey's head will also be asked to play from the ground.
  12. Aliar Bey threatened with the execution and exile of Dundar Bey, who was incompetent in the room, now shows that the knife rests on the bone.
  13. Aliar .
  14. Show them Aliar Bey's ruthlessness!
  15. Aliar you deceived wasI in a dream?
  16. Aliar bey Osman from the brain ... Hello, friends. Will Osman be exiled from Oba? How
  17. will Aliar bey die? Who is the commander of the Mongols? Why did the Mongols Aliar
  18. give you a great hint before how Aliar brain dies. First of all, the Mongolians are coming
  19. right in the middle of the castle of Kay oba Aliar bey kulucahisar. Worst of all,
  20. end of the 9th episode of Aliar Bey, does not get upset while Aliar Bey pushes and