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How do you pronounce allegory in English (1 out of 107).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of allegory

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of allegory:

Derived Form of allegory

plural: allegories
a short moral story (often with animal characters)
Synonymsfable, parable, apologue,
HyponymsAesop's fables,
Type ofstory,
TypesAesop's fables, Pilgrim's Progress,
See alsoallegorize,
a visible symbol representing an abstract idea
HyponymsAgnus Dei, badge, cupid, donkey, dove, eagle, elephant, fasces, hammer and sickle, maple-leaf, medallion, national flag, red flag, scarlet letter, spread eagle, Star of David, swastika,
Type ofsymbol, symbolic representation, symbolisation, symbolization,
TypesAgnus Dei, badge, donkey, dove, eagle, elephant, ensign, fasces, Hakenkreuz, hammer and sickle, Magen David, maple-leaf, medallion, Mogen David, national flag, Paschal Lamb, red flag, scarlet letter, Shield of David, Solomon's seal, spread eagle, Star of David, swastika,
See alsoallegorize,
an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances; an extended metaphor
Hypernymsexpressive style,
Type ofexpressive style, style,
See alsoallegorize,

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  1. about allegory what is allegory allegory derives from the greek word ah allegoria literally
  2. for instance Aslan in the Narnia book as Christ's allegory, or Animal Farm as allegory for totalitarian communism,
  3. Christian scholars have long believed it was originally written as allegory and poetry
  4. which is a neat allegory for her shape-shifting persona.
  5. to him was some form of symbolism or allegory as though he was trying to purge himself of
  6. And I'll just leave it at that as an allegory for our search.
  7. as an allegory or an expression of his inner states.
  8. the allegory of the cave.
  9. It's an ancient allegory for enlightenment,
  10. you know, i think the zombies are really an allegory for the human struggle to find a place in an
  11. this is an allegory after all - but based on their effects they might as well be.
  12. In the late 2000s, a science-fiction allegory about respecting nature and the dangers of
  13. Vague shoutouts to current events dont a good political allegory make.
  14. R.R. Martin has made it very clear that the White Walkers are an allegory for
  15. I believe that this entire thing is an allegory to online omniscience, and conversion into some sort of religious cult of her own making.
  16. Mushroom Land is, far and large, an allegory to purgatory.
  17. Now, what are these seven levels an allegory to?
  18. While yes, it could be an allegory in some theories;
  19. And the allegory is given, that she spooned out Agatha's eyes, and didn't let her see the world as it is.
  20. And Superman is a Christ's allegory about an alien man