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  1. We're filming this segment in Toronto with Professor Sabah Alnasseri, who edited Arab
  2. Thank you, Professor Alnasseri.
  3. SABAH ALNASSERI: Thanks, Chris, for having me.
  4. ALNASSERI: Right. Right. I mean, you are right, because ISIS has a kind of settler colonialist
  5. ALNASSERI: Exactly, and carve out territory for itself.
  6. ALNASSERI: Exactly. We don't forget Egypt. And the failure of this peaceful, nonviolent
  7. ALNASSERI: Right. But it's interesting to see that this message can take different forms.
  8. ALNASSERI: Exactly.
  9. ALNASSERI: Correct. Part of the legitimacy of the Ba'ath Party, it was not only based
  10. ALNASSERI: So even the majority of the Shiites and the Kurds, right, who hated Saddam as
  11. ALNASSERI: Exactly. In May 2003, the privatization and the institutionalization of the U.S. strategy
  12. ALNASSERI: Sectarian. Exactly.
  13. ALNASSERI: Exactly, and sectarian in the sense--not in a religious sense, but in a class sense.
  14. ALNASSERI: Nonviolent. And they were faced by these militias of different parties in
  15. ALNASSERI: The fighters. And if they occupy a territory, if there's oil, gas, whatever
  16. ALNASSERI: And they're good against corruption. And they bring services, basic service to
  17. ALNASSERI: Correct. And two things. The first one is I don't think it's--I think it's very
  18. ALNASSERI: Right. Like, for instance, think about Yemen. Since years they're using drone,
  19. ALNASSERI: Against corruption, against exclusion--. You know, Chris, as you know, social exclusion
  20. ALNASSERI: They are--they know the territory perfectly. But when al-Maliki attacked these