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  1. Today we're gonna talk about amorti
  2. Amorti is a type of shot on the billiardtable
  3. What is Amorti exactly?, and..
  4. This is amorti:
  5. Level of amorti is the distribution between your cueball and (in this case) the red
  6. This means I played a high amount of amorti
  7. This is what we call a 100% amorti shot
  8. If we wouldn't play an amorti-shot right here..
  9. This is because the lack of amorti in our shot
  10. Amorti is of the essence
  11. You must play with lot of amorti,
  12. but also here, the amorti is very important!
  13. If I wouldn't play amorti, and I will not hit the red almost full,
  14. To control your amorti
  15. So playing amorti is very important,
  16. Finally, I can show you a extreme amorti-shot
  17. So this was my video about amorti,