How do you pronounce anansie in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. Look for Skunk Anansie. She's bald! - All of these Buddhas are bald, Sofie!
  2. Can you please describe the African 'Skunk Anansie' one again?
  3. Sofie said to me: Go look for Skunk Anansie.
  4. Skunk Anansie is bald.
  5. I only have the Skunk Anansie one with the raised eyebrows left.
  6. Does it have a very long face, like Skunk Anansie meets Aunt Sidonia?
  7. The Skunk Anansie statue is a bit of a red herring because they all look like it.
  8. Perhaps this was the Skunk Anansie one? - No, those are my wrinkles.
  9. 'I love that you were Skunk Anansie fan from the start, like I was. Have I ever seen them life?'
  10. 'Have I ever attended to a Skunk Anansie concert?'