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  1. Or for those who are closer to his real name Andrezo.
  2. Hey Andrezo how are you?
  3. Which is a video of mine I posted reacting to Andrezo (GBG), playing the new God of War for PS4, the guy plays too much,
  4. Andrezo, tell us a little bit about your story,
  5. Where were you born, which country, where'd you live and what language you speak, and your name is Andrezo right?
  6. If you want to follow him, he has two profiles for his personal one which is Andrezo, shows his life and what he does for living,
  7. Ola cuma ki bu sta? na nomi i Andrezo, a mim padidu na Guine-Bissau (BAFATA) na mora li na Londres.
  8. I just said hello, my how are you doing? my name is Andrezo, I was born in Guine-Bissau and Im currently living in London.
  9. and I want to see you playing with that weapon Andrezo,
  10. Andrezo thank you much, more life more success more blessings to you I hope we can do more videos together, and that's it everyone
  11. Thank Sidao, for featuring me on your channel, it was such a kind hearted gesture, this opportunity means a lot to me. I thank you for your presence Andrezo.