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  1. Amanda Applequist: awesome Thank you Dan before I kind of get into that are there any questions holly that we want to answer prior to getting into selecting a.
  2. Amanda Applequist: Great.
  3. Amanda Applequist: Excellent great well, thank you and we'll have time for questions at the end to the additional that come up.
  4. Amanda Applequist: However, I did want to spend a little bit of time now that you know that there's such a vast.
  5. Amanda Applequist: majority of scissors out there, you might not know which one is needed for my project when you're standing at shelf looking at a wall of scissors.
  6. Amanda Applequist: And one of the first ways that we've done it is purely by the color of packaging, a few years ago.
  7. Amanda Applequist: You might have walked up to the planet, Graham and seen just a wall of Orange scissors and, from that point of view, it might have been very difficult to understand is this scissors for me.
  8. Amanda Applequist: How do I compare it to the scissors right next to it and so we've gone ahead and provided a tiered logic, as it relates to color in relation to kind of.
  9. Amanda Applequist: Providing a premium stuff up story, so all of our razor edge blade scissors that have the most premium blades for fabric only will have black packaging.
  10. Amanda Applequist: Our standard tried and true fisker scissors will be on orange and then kind of our junk drawer type of scissors will be on white.
  11. Amanda Applequist: However, we do know that one of the first things that you might be considering is what am I cutting.
  12. Amanda Applequist: To dan's point earlier and so we've gone ahead and added a little box to your call out on the packaging as well, so you will see that on our black packaging, we make the call out that it has the sharpest blades only for fabric.
  13. Amanda Applequist: On the orange packaging it's a sharper blades ideal for fabric and then on the white packaging you'll see that it says household materials, because that will kind of guide you in the right direction as to which scissors is.
  14. Amanda Applequist: Perfect for the job, however, to all of the things that Dan has been speaking to there's a lot of technology that helps you kind of determine what best suits your needs.
  15. Amanda Applequist: So on the left hand side of packaging, we always like to make the call outs that kind of help differentiate the scissors from a technical standpoint, in a way that is very approachable.
  16. Amanda Applequist: So you might see a one main thing on that black packaging that says clean cuts through more layers so you would understand that you know amplify might not really resonate with you, however.
  17. Amanda Applequist: The term that you're going to be cutting through either thicker materials or through multiple layers would resonate with you for your project and then beyond that we like to.
  18. Amanda Applequist: call out additional call outs, whether it's the size of the scissors.
  19. Amanda Applequist: Because we know that that kind of helps drive eight inches a very universal size, however, we know that five inches very common, as well as for a nine inch dependent on your project needs.
  20. Amanda Applequist: As well as additional technology calls like easy action where we know that that is really intended to help reduce the fatigue, while you're cutting.