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  1. powered by AppOptics.
  2. from the AppOptics cloud monitor,
  3. powered by AppOptics, right?
  4. those of you who have been using AppOptics,
  5. the AppOptics engine,
  6. AppOptics
  7. So for that it'd be Loggly, AppOptics, and Papertrail.
  8. like AppOptics, but how to use them in collaboration
  9. you're probably using AppOptics.
  10. So AppOptics is designed to be able to do,
  11. this is inside of AppOptics,
  12. Now again, this is AppOptics,
  13. that's coming from AppOptics, coming from
  14. the service in AppOptics to be able to
  15. Because this is based on the AppOptics