How do you pronounce apqua in English (1 out of 13).

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  1. The name of the brand is Apqua Man.
  2. Junhee Choi (chef) / Cooks nice dishes He is one of the Apqua Man.
  3. The sauce that is used in this menu is Apqua Man's special sauce.
  4. And it has Apqua Man's Gold Bar sign on it.
  5. Any other points that you want to appeal about Apqua Man?
  6. All three owners of Apqua Man are very handsome.
  7. Apqua Man signature menu - Cockle Rice Pizza
  8. This is the signature menu of Apqua Man.
  9. Apqua Man Hit Menu - Drug Rice Pizza
  10. Apqua Man: You're really enjoying the food.
  11. We call it Apqua Man challenge.
  12. Yes. Apqua Man, Origianl Rice Pizza, and Eastern Pizza.
  13. Thrid palce - Apqua Man Set.