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  1. Ariost: Maybe because the weakening of Ruise-kun's Growhsu has been noticed... !
  2. Tippi: That's right. Ruise-chan is forgetting about the magic academy, Misha, even Ariost-san.
  3. Ariost: This is the village where I was born and raised.
  4. Ariost: Then, please come to my house.
  5. Wallace: Sorry for the inconvenience, Ariost.
  6. Ariost: Now, please come in.
  7. Ariost: Isn't there a good way?
  8. Ariost: You're right.
  9. Ariost: Now, I'm sure everyone is tired. Please rest leisurely tonight.
  10. Ariost: Did he help us to let our guard down?
  11. Ariost: In that case, please only Wallace-san and you go. I will stay here with Ruise.
  12. Ariost: Did he help us to let our guard down?
  13. Ariost: Did you forget about this academy?
  14. Ariost: Ruise-kun, did you forget me?
  15. Ariost: I won't let such a thing happen!
  16. Ariost: I won't let that happen!
  17. Ariost: If the talk earlier was true, he is also...
  18. Ariost: It's easy to think that learning is difficult, but anyone try and error to do something, right? It's about pursuing it efficiently.
  19. Ariost: You're right.
  20. Ariost: I will never forget when I was brought to that cape for the first time by my father when I was little.