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  1. Fury of Ashamane is a single point trait that causes Tiger's Fury to grant 600 versatility
  2. The fourth Feral Trait is Bloodletter's Frailty, which causes your Ashamane's Frenzy to buff
  3. That be ashamane, a wild god from the war of the ancients!
  4. Its ashamane that weve been tracking, a massive panther wild god.
  5. Druids out there that played during legion might recall picking up the fangs of ashamane
  6. land and burning Ashamane to ash, but her sacrifice was not in vain.
  7. Our quest began just for ashamane but voljin can sense more loa being tortured up ahead.
  8. The Fangs of Ashamane are kept the strongest feral druid in the world.
  9. Now the history of Ashamane, similar to Ursoc, goes back to the time where keeper Freya was
  10. her Ashamane, for the color of her striking black fur.
  11. Over the years, Ashamane grew into a massive panther.
  12. The wolves never had it in for Ashamane, they were simply hungry and she did not hold it
  13. Ashamane was delighted by this.
  14. she continued to roam the land but Ashamane was unwilling to tie herself down to Freyas
  15. eyes, yet no matter what Ashamane thought for herself, there would always be a connection
  16. Eventually Ashamane came to Mount Hyjal to experience the Dream for herself, and she
  17. For Ashamane, her duty was clear.
  18. Ashamane faced it alone.
  19. Scorched by fel fire and poisoned by their tainted weapons, Ashamane fought on, thinning
  20. We know that Ashamane fell during the war of the ancients by the hands of the legions