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  1. Enter Astal.
  2. Astal's storyline is an unexpectedly heavy-handed take
  3. Basically, Astal and Leda are the first beings to
  4. but Astal battles Gerado to prevent this from happening.
  5. and the Goddess that created Astal and Leda
  6. banishes Astal so he cannot damage the planet any further.
  7. and when Astal frees himself and returns to the planet
  8. Astal begins his quest to find Leda
  9. Graphically, Astal is a sight to behold.
  10. The large, high-color sprites for Astal and his enemies
  11. There were not many games then or now that look anything like Astal
  12. Though Astal contains a fully animated introduction sequence
  13. Astal's game mechanics are, to put it kindly, eclectic.
  14. by jumping on their heads, Astal defeats enemies by throwing them
  15. For as incredibly strong the game makes Astal appear,
  16. Astal has other maneuvers at his disposal,
  17. Most of these moves require Astal to get dangerously close to his enemies,
  18. Thankfully, Astal is not alone.
  19. Early in the game you rescue a bird, which Astal can
  20. a fun extra that can really make up for Astal's lack of range.