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  1. but someway, somehow he himself now holds Atiesh. Atiesh has always belonged to the
  2. Atiesh, greatstaff of the guardian is restored in his hands and in the final confrontation
  3. We also had Khadgar though that suddenly showed up with Atiesh in his hands and it seems like
  4. Medivh hands over Atiesh which allows us to summon a random minion after casting a spell
  5. She summoned Atiesh, a mighty staff passed from Guardian to Guardian, and renewed her
  6. the world against threats like the burning legion and with the Greatstaff Atiesh, she
  7. This final line is kinda cool, Atiesh is the staff of the guardian and it was actually
  8. Ive counted the votes and the card you wanted me to talk about most is Atiesh, greatstaff
  9. As the name implies, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian is the weapon used by the guardian.
  10. Atiesh, we do know that it too passed on from guardian to guardian.
  11. That doesnt mean that guardians only atiesh, for example the guardian Aegwynn worked very
  12. hard on creating Aluneth, another powerful weapon, but usually Atiesh was a lot more
  13. Challenges like the avatar of Sargeras which Aegwynn together with Atiesh was able to defeat,
  14. This is where the fate of Atiesh becomes a little bit unclear since we have some conflicting
  15. In his hands we see Atiesh and after completing his task, after the defeat of Archimonde,
  16. up for interpretation what that means, but it looks like he takes Atiesh with him.
  17. able to obtain atiesh and wield it.
  18. that came into contact with Atiesh.
  19. also explains that Atiesh was shattered when Archimonde destroyed Dalaran during Warcraft
  20. Thats definitely Atiesh in Medivhs hands, but at the same time, the shattering does