How do you pronounce ayliz in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Meanwhile, Kadir and Ayliz were interested in Mihre.
  2. That is why I was going to call Ayliz I am your father, but
  3. Kadir told Cemal that I will tell everything to Ayliz
  4. Kadir said that he would say that Ayliz was Cemal's daughter
  5. but Ayliz heard everything and went to hold her mother to account
  6. Ayliz now knew everything, but lost her brother, Erol.
  7. Ayliz asked when Kadir found out.
  8. Let's see if Kadir can find Ayliz
  9. had decided to tell Ayliz the truth.
  10. Ayliz was surprised by such news.
  11. They were having very difficult times in their lives in Ayliz, Kadir.