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  1. from AzureML and Algorithmia.
  2. from Microsoft, AzureML, as well as Algorithmia .
  3. to AzureML and also Skinny clients.
  4. to allow AzureML to showcase Azure MLflow integration
  5. with AzureML's MLflow integration update?
  6. as well as a lot of what we built within AzureML.
  7. first, I'm gonna introduce AzureML
  8. ModelRegistry projects, as well as AzureML deployments
  9. So with that, I wanted to jump into AzureML.
  10. So AzureML has quite a lot of breadth amongst offering.
  11. So the idea here is AzureML supposed to make it simple
  12. And MLops offerings within AzureML also are meant to do so.
  13. with these AzureML components?
  14. within your AzureML workspace, which is pretty nice.
  15. And I finally like two years into AzureML was like,
  16. for MLflow as well as AzureML.
  17. that you're seeing here around MLops within AzureML,
  18. within AzureML before hand.
  19. with the HTTPS replaced with AzureML
  20. so that we know it's AzureML that you wanna talk to.