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  1. Bablesh - No. I'll got give.
  2. Chiraunjilaal - Hello bro!!! I am Chiraunji this side and this is Bablesh with me. He is not giving me his ATM pin.
  3. Bablesh - Greetings sir!!! I won't give.
  4. Bablesh - I have given you the whole ATM card.
  5. Bablesh - Actually I don't know how to insert an ATM card.
  6. Bablesh - Coz I need to withdraw money but don't know how to use an ATM card.
  7. Bablesh - When I tell him the PIN, what if someone else hears it and withdraws all my pin?
  8. Bablesh - Yes, I need the money but how can I give the PIN to others?
  9. Bablesh - How can I tell him the PIN? I have received a call from my bank.
  10. Bablesh - No. The bank called me to tell me to not give my ATM PIN to anyone or else you can be forged.
  11. Bablesh - Is the girl inside the computer?
  12. Bablesh to Call receiver - Ok. Tell me your PIN.
  13. Bablesh - See. He is also not giving his PIN. But asking me to give you my PIN.
  14. Chiraunjilaal and Bablesh laugh together.
  15. RJ Harii as Chiraunjilal: Hello bro! Greetings. Chiraunjilal this side. And I have Bablesh with me.
  16. Bablesh: I won't talk.
  17. Chiraunjilal: Bablesh lower the volume of the song.
  18. Bablesh: No. I won't. I'm hurt. I have lost my love.
  19. Chiraunjilal: Bablesh switch off the song!
  20. Bablesh: No I won't