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How do you pronounce background knowledge in English (1 out of 5375).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of background knowledge

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of background knowledge:
/bækɡɹawnd nɑləd͡ʒ/

Derived Form of background

plural: backgrounds
third person: backgrounds
past: backgrounded
past participle: backgrounded
present participle: backgrounding
a person's social heritage: previous experience or training
  1. he is a lawyer with a sports background
Type ofheritage, inheritance,
the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground
  1. he posed her against a background of rolling hills
Type ofaspect, panorama, prospect, scene, view, vista,
information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem
  1. the embassy filled him in on the background of the incident
Synonymsbackground knowledge,
Type ofinformation,
extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured
  1. they got a bad connection and could hardly hear one another over the background signals
Synonymsbackground signal,
Hyponymsbackground noise, background radiation,
Type ofdisturbance, interference, noise,
Typesbackground noise, background radiation, ground noise,
relatively unimportant or inconspicuous accompanying situation
  1. when the rain came he could hear the sound of thunder in the background
Type ofaccompaniment, concomitant, co-occurrence,
the state of the environment in which a situation exists
  1. you can't do that in a university setting
Synonymssetting, scope,
Hyponymscanvas, showcase,
Type ofenvironment,
Typescanvas, canvass, show window, showcase,
(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear
Synonymsdesktop, screen background,
Type ofCRT screen, screen,
scenery hung at back of stage
Synonymsbackdrop, backcloth,
Type ofscene, scenery,
understate the importance or quality of
  1. he played down his royal ancestry
Synonymsplay down, downplay,
Antonymsforeground, play_up,
Hyponymssoft-pedal, wave off,
Type ofaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, punctuate, stress,
Typessoft-pedal, wave off,

Derived Form of knowledge

plural: knowledges
the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning
Synonymscognition, noesis,
Hyponymsability, attitude, cognitive factor, content, episteme, equivalent, history, inability, information, lexis, mind, perception, place, practice, process, public knowledge, structure, vocabulary,
Hypernymspsychological feature,
Type ofpsychological feature,
Typesability, attitude, brain, cognitive content, cognitive factor, cognitive operation, cognitive process, content, episteme, equivalent, general knowledge, head, history, inability, information, lexicon, lexis, mental attitude, mental lexicon, mental object, mental process, mind, nous, operation, perception, place, power, practice, process, psyche, public knowledge, structure, unconscious process, vocabulary,

background knowledge on Youtube

  1. - Some of these, you need background knowledge.
  2. but rather by having some background knowledge, shared by both the sender and the receiver.
  3. Armed with some background knowledge on Oktar and a dash of Muslim feminism,
  4. frontloading that oral language and background knowledge and reading many books on the same
  5. For one, Joker's knowledge of Gotham's power hierarchy demonstrates a background in surveillance.
  6. Usually we choose our new members from an aquascaping or at least some aquatic knowledge background.
  7. when people come, and, against the background of mysticism and some kind of sacred knowledge known
  8. The notetaker usually listens and must collect important information such the knowledge of background, terminologies, and course material.
  9. cinematic background music, inspiring background music, orchestral background music, adventure background music, inspirational, emotional background music, #royaltyfreemusic #backgroundmusic #cinematicmusic
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  11. They may have a Hindu background or a Muslim background or an animistic background.
  12. knowledge, three knowledges, no you just say knowledge because you can't count knowledge
  13. Apply knowledge and broaden knowledge which means increase knowledge
  14. The knowledge in the middle of the triputi (three), the knower (gyata) the knowledge (gyaan) and the object to be known (gyeya) are the triputi, the knowledge among these requires a knower as its substratum.
  15. Understanding (is required), by ignorance you have lost him, by knowledge you can find him out. And that knowledge also goes off, finally. And Reality which has no igorance and no knowledge remains.
  16. Q&A Sessions #11 with Ahmed Hulusi & Mustafa Ceceli The Observation of His knowledge with His Knowledge in His Knowledge
  17. Therefore at the macro level, the micro level, the nano level, at all levels of existence the same principal applies; He observes His knowledge through His knowledge in His knowledge,, it decodes and resolves.
  18. xxxelent: y pay for knowledge when the internet is a thing, y congregate to share knowledge when wiki literally is the sum of all human knowledge in one place, completely free
  19. I kind of have to do the background first. Do you have to do the background first?
  20. want to add a little bit to the background, that way it's not so meh. For the background