How do you pronounce banhcanh in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. Are you a fan of banhcanh?
  2. Go upstairs and wait for banhcanh
  3. Take out the banhcanh
  4. Okay, take out banhcanh for everyone
  5. When we ate banhcanh, I saw your love for Mr. Tan
  6. Or she'll sell banhcanh like you
  7. Ms Ut Tai Lanh, does she cook banhcanh?
  8. So you take me there,it's been long time since I've eaten banhcanh
  9. I'm not used to eating banhcanh anywhere else
  10. What about banhcanh for Ba My?
  11. I've just come back, and eat banhcanh of Ms. Ut
  12. She said that's no chance to visit here to eat banhcanh