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  1. That's something I had with Yousri Belgaroui
  2. anyone right now Yousri Belgaroui there's so much hype behind this guy but he's
  3. yeah Belgaroui came in doing incredible winning a contender's tournament and now
  4. you against the ropes and really put on those power punches but Belgaroui
  5. against just Yousri Belgaroui and lightweight rising stars
  6. Mike's gym will have a large presence Serhiy Adamchuk, Yousri Belgaroui and
  7. At Glory 45 Big Mike will be tested as his number two ranked Yousri Belgaroui faces
  8. Wilness and number two ranked Yousri Belgaroui and finally the light
  9. With fighters like Nieky Holzken, Yousri Belgaroui who will compete against champion Alex Pereira.