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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of believing

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of believing:

Derived Form of believing

plural: believings
root word: believe
third person: believes
past: believed
past participle: believed
present participle: believing
the cognitive process that leads to convictions
  1. seeing is believing
Hypernymsbasic cognitive process,
Type ofbasic cognitive process,
Verb: believe
accept as true; take to be true
  1. I believed his report
  2. We didn't believe his stories from the War
  3. She believes in spirits
Hyponymsbelieve, believe in, buy, swallow, trust, understand,
Type ofaccepting,
Typesbanking, believing, believing in, buying, inferring, relying, swallowing, swearing, trusting, understanding,
See alsobelief, believer,
judge or regard; look upon; judge
  1. I think he is very smart
  2. I believe her to be very smart
  3. I think that he is her boyfriend
  4. The racist conceives such people to be inferior
Synonymsthink, believe, consider, conceive,
Hyponymsfeel, hold, rethink, see, think, think of,
Type ofjudging,
Typesconsidering, esteeming, feeling, holding, looking on, looking upon, reckoning, regarding, regarding as, reputing, rethinking, seeing, taking to be, thinking, thinking of, viewing,
be confident about something
  1. I believe that he will come back from the war
Synonymsbelieve, trust,
Type ofanticipating, expecting,
See alsobelief,
follow a credo; have a faith; be a believer
  1. When you hear his sermons, you will be able to believe, too
Type ofbelieving,
See alsobeliever,
credit with veracity
  1. You cannot believe this man
  2. Should we believe a publication like the National Enquirer?
Type ofcrediting,

believing on Youtube

  1. and coercing them into believing in greed, into believing in worthlessness, into believing
  2. professor and he's done that oh in China people believing academician believing
  3. For believing in Zenmi, believing in me and keeping doing all that
  4. 5] That He may admit the believing men and the believing women to Gardens under which rivers flow (i.e. Paradise), to abide therein forever, and to expiate from them their sins, and that is with Allah, a supreme success,
  5. the draenei, believing that good things would come to the orcs. Believing their leaders
  6. more tix I might start believing that
  7. I do not believe in these leaks, I have stopped believing from that smashfied rayman's leak,
  8. believing zealously in things that never came from anything that Jesus said.
  9. Crewson she may have seemed like the bad guy in the movie for not believing her
  10. Believing that the death count is actually much higher great Interfax relatives have reported that 85 people are still missing and most of them are
  12. But in the meantime, some very, very monied interests have a lot at stake in us all believing
  13. The necessary mindstate stands upon the obligation of believing in the existence of a Starter that is neither created nor preceded by time
  14. into believing that its Bontrager WaveCell Helmet protect against concussions more than
  15. applie. Now when we are restoring the backup, we will trick Samsung into believing that it's applying
  16. Guru Amar Das Ji says hold on to this tight and never let go of believing in to the Hukam of Akaal Purakh.
  17. Hold on to this tight and never let go of believing into the Hukam of Akaal Purakh.
  18. And then four after that on Maniai (believing)
  19. Seeing is believing and weighing is relieving
  20. But I held on to hope and kept on believing and finally it looked like maybe she had a chance don't stop