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  1. Thank you for joining us as we trace the development of the BEMF Dance Company
  2. and share some of my favorite dance excerpts from the BEMF
  3. Lacoursire, all BEMF soloists and choreographers.
  4. company of early dance specialists supporting all BEMF
  5. What brought each of you to BEMF? Carlos, you were the first one I met.
  6. How did you get into the BEMF fold? I think it was for the production of
  7. BEMF was looking for dancers and so I was working
  8. first production with BEMF, and I think, I mean, I guess I thought Carlos had
  9. done something else with BEMF because Carlos recommended me
  10. at BEMF at least twice or three times as a spectator. I remember I drove
  11. for everyone. -Well, we all began at BEMF
  12. specifically with Anna Watkins, the BEMF costumer, is a model for my own work.
  13. BEMF and I became her assistant teaching
  14. I was not dancing at BEMF, but I took and she explained
  15. apartment - BEMF apartment - so
  16. as we've just said, BEMF's Thse that many of us came together.
  17. before I came to BEMF, and even now, it's really informed by the work I did
  18. BEMF brings not just to the community of Early
  19. BEMF. He really
  20. be addressed. And, you know, I think in BEMF in general