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  1. - [Announcer] BeWhere Holdings Inc. is a sponsor
  2. owns shares of BeWhere Holdings Inc.
  3. Bell, and its partner BeWhere, a TSX Venture listed company,
  4. with BeWhere's environmental sensing technologies.
  5. - [Alexander] BeWhere was joined with partners Bell
  6. We're at BeWhere's head office in Toronto,
  7. The benefit to BeWhere in our Huawei relationship
  8. So as BeWhere builds vertically-focused solutions,
  9. Can we talk about BeWhere as sort of a first mover
  10. So, BeWhere started November 2014 in the Bluetooth space.
  11. - BeWhere is an Internet of Things solutions company
  12. BeWhere has shown early potential.
  13. to be very telling for BeWhere's future,
  14. for companies like BeWhere to take advantage
  15. - [Speaker] BeWhere Holdings Inc is a sponsoring client
  16. and warrants of BeWhere Holdings Inc.
  17. Toronto based BeWhere is an Internet of Things
  18. BeWhere has a relationship with Bell,
  19. Today BeWhere CEO, Owen Moore,
  20. BeWhere has developed sensors for the mobile IoT space