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  1. Abraham van Franckenberg and van Beyerland corresponded with each other and van Franckenberg informed van Beyerland that
  2. and they were published by an Amsterdam merchant called Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland.
  3. Beyerland, this wise merchant, also translated the Corpus Hermeticum into Dutch in 1643.
  4. Abraham Willemsz van Beyerland, here on the right, was a wealthy merchant
  5. of the Walloon church to which van Beyerland belonged.
  6. It still exists but no longer as orphanage. But this is the only portrait of van Beyerland that we have.
  7. Van Beyerland wanted to change this. He wanted to make Bhme available to the general public.
  8. On display here are books translated by van Beyerland. Works by Jacob Bhme
  9. Van Beyerland thought that people should not start with the first work by Bhme, the Aurora.
  10. Van Beyerland translated everything in the course of a few years. Between 1634 and 1642 he translated
  11. intertwined and van Beyerland calls himself a citizen of these three worlds.
  12. Van Beyerland never had the intention to found a kind of circle, he preferred to remain entirely in the background.
  13. In another postscript from van Beyerland, we see that he had started a translation
  14. The event was noteworthy enough for van Beyerland to make a special mention of it.
  15. After the death of van Beyerland an inventory was made of everything in his attic.
  16. van Beyerland possessed 82 different manuscripts by Bhme, both originals and copies.
  17. of the 'Drie Principien', which means van Beyerland still had 649 unsold copies of that title left in his attic.
  18. about the number of copies he could sell and it also indicates that van Beyerland
  19. This display case contains an original manuscript once owned by van Beyerland.
  20. van Beyerland never managed to translate. He made various attempts and