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  1. My name is Rohit Bhargava.
  2. I am the host and founder, Rohit Bhargava,
  3. learn from this bewildering genius Manjul Bhargava. Manjul is one of the greatest minds
  4. the Nobel Prize. Prof Bhargava has recently won the Fields Medal in Mathematics. Why do
  5. Prof Bhargava: Thanks NDTV: But in English, just basically what
  6. does it mean for an average viewer? Prof Bhargava: Well the subject that I work
  7. Prof Bhargava: So, number theory basically is the art of understanding the whole numbers,
  8. NDTV: So it's like relationships between numbers? Prof Bhargava: That's right.
  9. NDTV: Basically that's number theory Prof Bhargava: Exactly. Simple
  10. Prof Bhargava: Well, I mean a lot of the mathematics that goes on at Princeton is with the students.
  11. of you here would understand. Prof Bhargava: There are many different levels.
  12. was a mathematician herself. Prof Bhargava: And is. Yeah.
  13. a room and chat with her about maths and stuff? Prof Bhargava: Yes, I always liked mathematics
  14. NDTV: Is this the answer? Prof Bhargava: Yes, is this the answer? Can
  15. Prof Bhargava: Well, I sympathise with people who say that because I myself really didn't
  16. Prof Bhargava: So I used to do anything I could to avoid going to mathematics class.
  17. Prof Bhargava: But I knew I loved mathematics, but I didn't like the way mathematics was
  18. NDTV: So enjoyment is the key... Prof Bhargava: My suggestion for teaching
  19. it's generally taught in a robotic way? Prof Bhargava: It's pretty bad throughout
  20. fun for people like me who hate it? Prof Bhargava: It's a good question, one of