How do you pronounce bhatinde in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. - Who are you? - Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala.
  2. Bhatinde is devastated.
  3. I am Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala.
  4. He is Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala.
  5. Our eyes are glued since 24 hours on Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala.
  6. We have to find Bhatinde Batliwala's address immediately.
  7. Bhatinde.
  8. Listen Bhatinde, you are alleging a serious accusation..
  9. Bhatinde Batliwala knows how to trick one and all.
  10. He is Bhatinde Batliwala.
  11. Sir, my name is Agabai Bhatinde.
  12. Bhatinde Batliwale, tell me one thing.
  13. Bhatinde?
  14. Delete Agabai and Bhatinde.
  15. If you call me Bhatinde I will make you work on Sunday too.