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  1. The tanda of this week is with pianist, composer, and conductor Rodolfo Biagi.
  2. Biagi was already an acclaimed pianist
  3. Biagi started recording with his own orchestra in 1938.
  4. before he joined the orchestra of Biagi in 1939,
  5. Biagi and Falgs recorded 8 tangos together and 3 waltzes,
  6. We can hear some typical Biagi piano fillers at the end of the musical phrase
  7. There is a Biagi piano solo towards the end of the song,
  8. perhaps the most popular waltz by Biagi and Falgs is Dichas que viv.
  9. Viejo portn was the first waltz that Biagi and Ibaez recorded together in 1938.
  10. Biagi was the last orchestra that he recorded with.
  11. -This also kinda happens elsewhere, like someone asking me ''When is (my...) Biagi coming?'', but not nearly as much as in Buenos Aires. As an organizer there you really need a certain personality to manage so many factors.