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  1. And also Tom Biershaw who is the publisher of the website and you know that
  2. Tom Biershaw: It made a very serious attempt here to make it possible for guys to stay
  3. or wistful as you see what these guys get? Tom Biershaw: Who wouldnt like to have
  4. decision and a great sacrifice. Tom Biershaw: And we have been asking these
  5. Tom Biershaw: They have obviously realized it works for them. The employers wouldnt
  6. title. Tom Biershaw: If there is any threat to your
  7. Tom Biershaw: I think in an ideal world it would be a state, it would be a government
  8. Tom Biershaw: Well the companies in the UK like BT, Lloyds TSB are realizing if they
  9. than a relationship with your child. Tom Biershaw: No one ever said on their death