How do you pronounce bindoongees in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. (Found my Bindoongees!!!) Found my Bindoongees!!!
  2. Found my Bindoongees!!
  3. (~A dance to celebrate finding Bindoongees!!~)
  4. Becoming closer to Bindoongees as they find our gaps!
  5. [Yuna] Dear Bindoongees, Yeji's wish has come true!!
  6. The Bindoongees in the comments are saying,
  7. So we'll first announce the Bindoongees who will be receiving AirPods cases
  8. Yes, congrats to all five Bindoongees who won the AirPods cases
  9. Our Bindoongees will vote on that
  10. Dear Bindoongees at Gap of ITZY! Hello, I'm Dancekang, a YouTuber