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  1. of matrices, obviously, not just bioclear. But obviously, you have an affinity to bioclear,
  2. of the bioclear almost and with the bioclear method the injection molding most probably
  3. doing a statics and tears with the bioclear. Either they use the smile a wheel from bioclear,
  4. of using the bio clear technique. Now the bioclear technique, I'm sure many of you know
  5. for success when we're starting with the bioclear technique, how to get a nice finish, a few
  6. you enjoy this episode all about getting the best from bioclear technique with Dr Abdelrahman
  7. got into bioclear, which is what we're gonna be talking about today?
  8. city like the one and a half hour from Cairo is my hometown. And I got involved with bioclear,
  9. bioclear, I like it, so I bought it from us, but I couldn't like play with it in a proper
  10. case, very soon, which one of my first bioclear cases we actually did some whitening with
  11. should we when do you not use bioclear? So in which cases do you think okay, actually,
  12. you know what, I'm not going to use bioclear. So I want to actually start by what is the
  13. downside of bioclear? Why should you not use bicolour?
  14. bioclear. But, if you if you didn't lose the emergence profile, like the cervical part,
  15. images profile for the posterior bioclear only works for this big space like you have
  16. I use bioclear in some cases, and I know that if I have used to VM it will work but it's
  17. only option that they have to use the bioclear matrix is this is a part of the matrix. But
  18. right you you use the bioclear posterior because you want to you want the yeah let's use a
  19. It is now possible with the bioclear Would you agree with that statement?
  20. that your thresher is smooth like a contoured as as you want with the bioclear it's no it's