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  1. biver spotted apple accidentally scheduled a live video on their
  2. And some of you guessed it, but I am talking about Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, the man currently
  3. of Fame of Watchmaking, well I can easily assert that Mr. Biver has of course a well
  4. Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, of JCB as some people refer him to, well hes no watchmaker, hes
  5. Mr. Biver in a new role and redevelop Omega which had been a bit struggling over the years
  6. Of course and for those who know him, Mr. Biver is rather flamboyant and a pretty loud
  7. Hublot stolen from him, well Mr. Biver just took this as a great opportunity to demonstrate
  8. the brand some years ago and making Mr. Biver slightly wealthier in the process.
  9. But Mr. Biver could have nicely retired, take advantage of all this, he had already totally
  10. So Mr. Biver recentered the product offering, also by going full on with vintage inspired
  11. traditional mechanical watchmaking for many consumers, but something very clever Mr. Biver
  12. Anyhow, after having taken care of TAG Heuer, Mr. Biver took the mission of helping out
  13. and something that needs to be said is that Mr. Biver has a pretty close guard around
  14. Well these days are coming to an end and Mr. Biver will step down by the end of the year
  15. So all the best to Mr. Biver, thanks for what youve done, but Im also pretty sure
  16. more in depth portrait of Mr. Biver, his career and achievements, because like I said, he