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  1. BizPortals 365 of Internet to demonstrate modern features and our own unique best
  2. for 365 features that make an internet awesome so how does BizPortals 365 to
  3. make your internet awesome one BizPortals 365 delivers a fresh user
  4. then to BizPortals 365 goes beyond just communication collaboration and other
  5. have an on-premise solution for you but BizPortals 365 being built on office 365
  6. employees tools and applications with all of its functionality BizPortals 365
  7. company second we will give you an overview of BizPortals 365 what it is
  8. our BizPortals 365 product to show you its features and functionality alive so one
  9. solutions before I joined BizPortals I was a management consultant at
  10. really makes your internet awesome so BizPortals 365 is an industry-leading
  11. then finally finally we built BizPortals 365 with comment consistent
  12. product and then in terms of mobility we have built BizPortals 365 with the
  13. we have built BizPortals 365 to grow with you and you can easily add more
  14. functionality and important features or untouched BizPortals 365 on the other
  15. features are important and BizPortals 365 certainly has these features we add
  16. so with BizPortals 365 we've extended it to a modern and comprehensive
  17. now let's go through some specific features of BizPortals 365 and I will
  18. solution with BizPortals 365 it is very easy to add edit and share different
  19. BizPortals 365 has robust project management features to help you push your projects
  20. tools BizPortals 365 has what we call an