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  1. Blanchy. Taking care of her will earn her trust and allow you to ride this once assumed
  2. to be noble steed, but what has blanchy done in life to be judged worthy by the arbiter
  3. young blanchy hangs out in the stables. Together with the other tarren mill horses she has
  4. a pretty comfy life. All they could ask for really, but to our blanchy its not enough.
  5. under the watchful gaze of blanchy. You can see the scenario play out in her mind. She
  6. had to leave their home. They even made sure to feed now Old Blanchy before they left but
  7. it a clever scheme of blanchy to not have to do more work? Now she just gets to hang
  8. home. Why did you do it blanchy, why did you sabotage the wagon...Were the oats really
  9. been bad enough, but to make matters worse...those oats blanchy got used to on a daily basis
  10. back empty handed and Blanchy doesnt like that...not one bit. Rage sustains her while
  11. The cataclysm hit the world of Azeroth while Blanchy returned to Westfall. Remember how
  12. run into Blanchy again, part of a gruesome crimescene. Farmer Furlbrow and his wife are
  13. and ofcourse a sack of oats to keep Blanchy happy are scattered nearby while the horse
  14. take a guess then id say that our blanchy here knew about the Vancleef Furlbrow connection.
  15. daughter of Edwin would take care of the rest. Atleast thats what blanchy expected, Vanessa
  16. And so her spirit went to the Shadowlands, before the arbiter who gazed upon Blanchy
  17. the oats she enjoyed in life which dead blanchy accepts enthusiastically.
  18. from her skin. Dead blanchy sivers and nuzzles us and as she shifts her weight and stamps,
  19. A fair trade to make blanchy warm again and as her shivering slows and then stops, she
  20. she scents the apples, eagerly crunching them up. Dead blanchy sighs contendly and places