How do you pronounce blastphamous in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. In the video I put Blastphamous in the 'bad category', I guess you could say
  2. me and Blastphamous were basically the same
  3. does Blastphamous react to videos?
  4. And the thing is right, if you compare my channel status to Blastphamous,
  5. Blastphamous generates more income
  6. What I think has, personally, happened is simply because I included Blastphamous in a video
  7. Now the problem is what's happened, that a lot of people seem to think that me and Blastphamous
  8. he might organize an interview between me and Blastphamous on his DramaAlert channel.
  9. I do not have a problem with Blastphamous
  10. If you go and watch 'The Good, the Bad and the Insane' again where I talked about Blastphamous,
  11. Blastphamous is a malteaser, Keemstar is a gnome and