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  1. It's early early morning (saturday) and I'm about to drive the Bleiswijk
  2. we will figure it out.. but for now I will make ways to Bleiswijk as I have some delay now. it's already 05:45u
  3. We now are going to make some rolling shots in the direction of Bleiswijk, that direction..
  4. This is the station of Bleiswijk which is located next to highway A12, close to the city of Zoetermeer.
  5. So that's all on the productions, so we're going to show you something about the crop in Bleiswijk in the Experience Center.
  6. In order to be able to properly compare the two videos between Bleiswijk and Australia, it is good to know that the lit crop was planted at approximately the same period as in Australia.
  7. Bleiswijk in his description
  8. So according to Van Bleiswijk,
  9. Van Bleiswijk also reported
  10. So for Van Bleiswijk and others,
  11. And when van Bleiswijk wrote