How do you pronounce blokker in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. then I use a milk frother (this one is from Blokker),
  2. namelijk de motorola blokker
  3. Free sex, Flowerpower, The Doors, Woodstocks, and the Beatles played in Blokker
  4. golden eggs from the Blokker store. What I mean
  5. They look like a cheap cheese grater from Blokker.
  6. I was walking past the Blokker, suddenly I saw this soda steam.
  7. jaap blokker dankwoord
  8. I'm training to be a skilled saleswoman. And I do that at Blokker.
  9. a Media Markt, a Pathe cinema, Zeeman, Blokker