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  1. Tugar Bloodtotem: Too late, fools!
  2. Either way, he was a nasty bloodtotem even before the Legion arrived and now, with the
  3. Tugar Bloodtotem has resurfaced in Highmountain.
  4. In the video we can see them fighting with Tugar Bloodtotem and Jormog the Behemoth,
  5. The tribes of highmountain, skyhorn, rivermane, bloodtotem, highmountain and even the leader
  6. In better days we would have warriors from the bloodtotem tribe or eagle riders from
  7. The Rivermane tribe is back into the fold, but we also need the Skyhorn, the Bloodtotem
  8. Next up is trying to bring back the bloodtotem tribe so we fly out to meet with Oakin Ironbull,
  9. Hes willing to vouch for us because we saved his life and the bloodtotem have been
  10. his bloodtotem are going to be responsible.
  11. we go to check on Navarroggs lead and it turns out that the bloodtotem have been up
  12. On a table we find a spilled horn and some left over demon blood with a couple dead bloodtotem
  13. We are Bloodtotem!
  14. We have this one to thank for saving us from the Bloodtotem.
  15. as bloodthirsty as the bloodtotem.
  16. up in comic form. We see the tribes of highmountain come together, skyhorn, rivermane, bloodtotem,