How do you pronounce boemers in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. The Boemers were already the proud parents of 2 little girls when they found out they were
  2. The Boemers were crushed, but tried their best to stay positive and focus on the baby that
  3. When Margaret was 14 weeks pregnant, and ultrasound revealed the Boemers were expecting yet
  4. but the news that she would soon get from the doctors would turn the Boemers world upside down.
  5. The Boemers were devastated. After everything that they had been through already, it seemed
  6. wouldnt make it to full term, so the Boemers, who lived in the small town of Lewisville,
  7. the Boemers terminate the pregnancy. Unable to accept that grim diagnosis,
  8. the Boemers next turned to Texas Childrens Hospital, where they were relieved to find
  9. would give Lynlee a better chance of surviving if she needed to be delivered early, so the Boemers
  10. to Texas Childrens Hospital. The Boemers expected to be there for a week of testing, but to their
  11. Before the surgery could start, the Boemers had to meet with dozens of doctors in a hospital
  12. To the Boemers and their doctors surprise and relief, Lynlee continued to grow and her heart